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(applies for either or presents here a template for making the necessary decisions for divorcing couples. provides a similar template for unmarried couples.

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I understand that there is no way that can anticipate all the issues that face all divorcing couples.  I understand that they have made all possible efforts to provide for as many of the options that need to be considered for divorce as possible. However, I agree not to hold responsible for any items that I may omit in my divorce Agreement due to my unique personal circumstances.  It my responsibility and that of any  attorney advising or representing me to ensure that all issues of my particular situation are addressed in the Divorce Agreement filled out on this site.

I understand that is not a substitute for independent, sound legal advice.  I recognize that divorce laws vary from state to state and that there is no way that any one divorce instrument can take into account all the nuances of the divorce laws in each state.

I understand that recommends that I consult with an independent attorney as needed during the completion of the forms in to become informed about my rights under the laws of my particular state.   I further understand that strongly recommends that I consult with an independent attorney prior to signing any Agreement or document prepared in  


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