In the County Court of Clerkenwell

In the Principal Registry No.  3-1752


This petition is issued by: Andrew Todd Turner                                       (“the Petitioner”)


The other party to the marriage is: Sara Gail Turner                               (“the Respondent”).



(1) On the 12th  day of December  [19   ] [2001]  Sara Gail Turner was lawfully married to Andrew Todd Turner  at The First Baptist Church in London, England.

(1a) Since the date of the marriage the name of the petitioner     X has not changed            [has changed]

(1b) The petitioner believes that since the date of the marriage the name of the respondent      X has not changed         [has changed]

(2) The petitioner and respondent last lived together as husband and wife at:

350 Oxford Street
GB - London W1C 1BY

(3) The court has jurisdiction under Article 3(1) of the Council Regulation on the following ground(s): Both Parties currently reside in the court jurisdiction.  

The parties site  the grounds of irreconcilable differences

(4) The petitioner is by occupation a Salesman and resides at 801 Gatwick Circle GB - London W1C 1BY.

The respondent is by occupation a Retail Manager and resides at 1298 Tolstoy Avenue GB - London W1C 1BY.

(5) There are two minor children born to or adopted by the parties. Their names and dates of birth are; Austin Green Turner 3/7/98 and Tobias Hurst Turner 4/6/00.Click here to clear fields

(6) There are or have been no other proceedings in any court in England and Wales or elsewhere with reference to the marriage (or to any child of the family) or between the petitioner and respondent with reference to any property of either or both of them except 


(7) There are or have been no proceedings in the Child Support Agency with reference to the maintenance of any child of the family except


(8) There are no proceedings continuing in any country outside England or Wales which are in respect of the marriage or are capable of affecting its validity or subsistence except


(9) (This paragraph should be completed only if the petition is based on five years’ separation.) No agreement or arrangement has been made or is proposed to be made between the parties for the support of the petitioner/respondent (and any child of the family) except

(10) The said marriage has broken down irretrievably.


(13) Particulars

All particulars of the marriage have been agreed upon and are outlined in the attached Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan.






The petitioner therefore prays  

(1)    The suit

           That the said marriage be dissolved


(2)     Costs

              That the parties shall equally share the costs of this suit


(3)       Ancillary relief

              That the petitioner may be granted the following ancillary relief:

                (a) an order for maintenance pending suit 

                      a periodical payments order a secured provision order

                      a lump sum order

                      a property adjustment order

                      an order under section 24B, 25B or 25C of the Act of 1973 (Pension Sharing/Attachment Order)

                (b) For the children

                       a periodical payments order

                       a secured provision order

                       a lump sum order

                       a property adjustment order



_____________________________________ _____________________________________
Andrew Todd Turner Sara Gail Turner

The names and addresses of the persons to be served with the petition are:


Sara Gail Turner
1298 Tolstoy Avenue 
GB - London W1C 1BY

Co-Respondent (adultery case only):


The Petitioner’s address for service is:

Andrew Todd Turner
801 Gatwick Circle
GB - London W1C 1BY


Dated this 18th  day of   June         20 06 .

Address all communications for the court to: The Court Manager, Clerkenwell County Court London, England.


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