Matrimonial Causes Registry

 CAUSE NO.   6494376236     OF 20   06   .





Jonathon William Martin,










Olivia Rose Martin,






 THE PETITION of Jonathon William Martin SHOWS 

1.   That on January 14, 2000, at George Town, Grand Cayman, the above petitioner was lawfully married to the above respondent and at the time of the said marriage the marital status of the parties was as follows-  Jon Martin had 0 previous marriages and Olivia Martin had 1 previous marriage prior to marriage on aforesaid day. 


2.       That, following the celebration of the said marriage, the parties have lived and cohabited at the following places≠

1907 Marine Rd.

George Town, Grand Cayman 


3.     That the court has jurisdiction in the above cause by reason that- both parties currently reside in Grand Cayman which is within this courtís jurisdiction.


4.   That since the celebration of the said marriage-[Here give the grounds for the relief claimed with particulars thereof] Parties claim irreconcilable differences as the grounds for divorce. They have lived separate and apart for a period of five years. 


5.   That the petitioner desires the court to take into consideration the following arrangement made in connection with these proceedings-[Here give details of any such matter (if any).] None


6.   There are two minor children born to or adopted by the Parties. The names and dates of birth are: Cindy Nichole Martin, 01/01/01; Thomas Allen Martin, 02/02/02. The wife is not now pregnant. 


7.   That the all issues regarding the marriage and all child issues (if any) have been outlined in the Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan.


That the petitioner therefore prays-  

  1. That they be granted an absolute divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.
  2. That all issues of the marriage be set in accordance with the attached Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan.
  3. Wife wishes to retain the last name of Todd upon the date of the divorce.


The following persons are to be served with this petition≠ 


Olivia Rose Martin

472 Sailor Circle

George Town, Grand Cayman 


The petitioner's address for service is-

Jonathon William Martin

101 Elmhurst Street

George Town, Grand Cayman


Dated the  5th  day of    June      , 20  06 .





Jonathon William Martin


NOTE: Notice of your intention to defend may be given ≠ 

(a)        by an endorsement on the acknowledgement of service;

(b)        by notice of such intention lodged in the Registry within fourteen days of the service of this petition; or

(c)        at any time by leave of the court prior to the date fixed for trial.




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