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OurDivorceAgreement.com® guides you to create your own comprehensive divorce agreement online by completing a series of self-guided forms. 

Once you complete the forms, you simply press a button and the site generates: 


1) a complete divorce agreement - child and property issues.  

2) a spreadsheet outlining your division of assets and liabilities.  

3) the financial disclosure document and court filing forms.


We have done exhaustive research into "what is out there" in the field of online divorce.  Here's what we've found:  

There are two basic elements in every divorce. A separation agreement states the terms of your division of assets and debts and outlines your child care plan, if you have minor children.  The divorce filing forms are the cover sheets that the court requires when filing for divorce.  

In Australia, the only source of forms that we are aware of  provides filing forms a "bare bones" approach to the separation agreement, a skeleton, to which you must supply the "meat."   

How Our Site Is Different!

What other sites do not offer you - that our site does - is a comprehensive, step-by-step decision-making guide that covers virtually every issue you need to address in your divorce.  (Please click on topic areas. Sorry, we are not able to let you into the inner workings of the site but show topic areas only).  Looking at the "Child Issues" form, for example, instead of simply asking you what child schedule you would like, we give you nine sample schedules to review and choose from and the ability to customize your own based on ideas you get from our samples.  

On holidays, instead of simply asking you what holidays each parent wants with the children, we give you three or more ideas for each major secular and religious holiday to choose from (based on what other divorcing couples have done in the seventeen years our founder has been mediating divorces).  

(Click on "Financial Issues" in the upper right of the "Child Issues" form.)  On financial issues, instead of simply asking how you would like to divide your major assets and liabilities, we have easy to follow forms that guide you how to divide your assets and debts, plus we prompt you to consider important financial details such as family gym memberships, frequent flyer miles - even pet issues!  

Once you make all of the selections from the options we offer you, you simply push a button and the site generates: your detailed divorce agreement, (averages 10-16 pages!) a spreadsheet outlining your division of assets and debts, the financial disclosure form required by the Court, then we link you to your Australia filing forms to complete your divorce.  

With our fee, for unlimited use of the site (even for post-divorce changes) our site is designed to give you the most comprehensive and cost-effective divorce you can get anywhere at any price.  We even offer a 110% money back guarantee to back up our promise.

Here's the bottom line:

The other sites are designed to give you the MINIMUM that you can receive and still get divorced.  OurDivorceAgreement.com prompts you to consider ALL of the issues that we have ever seen clients face during divorce in the fifteen years that our founder has been mediating divorce cases.  If it's not an issue for you, you simply pass over it.  But with our extensive check list of issues, you are far less likely to skip or miss any important issues that could land you in Court later on.  

Further, because we focus on preventing problems later on (where children are concerned) with our years of experience mediating divorce cases, we prompt you to consider some far reaching items of agreement that can keep you out of Court for the rest of your children's lives.  This will save you thousands of dollars, years of agony and will preserve the mental health of you and your children.

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