Petition for Mutual Divorce

In the Court of the Family Court at ___________

O.P.No_____________of 20___

 *These are sample forms and not intended for filing with the court in your jurisdiction. Significant information has been omitted.


















... Petitioners





... Respondant




Petition filed u/s Marriage Act



1. [i]  Petitioner W/o____________________, Hindu, aged about years,  and residing at 3421 Clearview Circle Houston, TX 77025.


    [ii] Respondent S/o____________________, Hindu, aged about years, employed as a at and residing at 3421 Clearview Circle Houston, TX 77025.


2.    The addresses for Service of petitioners are as stated above. 


9.    The petitioners submit that this petition has been filed after one year from the date of marriage i.e. , and there is no possibility of reunion.


10.     The cause of action arose at ___________; on when the parties got married; on __________where they lastly resided and separated and on when they separated and living separately and on subsequent dates.


    It is therefore prayed that this Hon'ble Court may be pleased to,


    [a] pass a decree of divorce declaring the marriage to be dissolved with effect from the date of the decree,


    [b] record all the articles of the marriage as per the enclosed Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan. 


    [c] pass such other order/orders at this Hon'ble deems proper under the circumstances of the case.





I, Petitioner, the petitioner herein do hereby declare and state that what is stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and information. 

Signed at ____________ on ____ day of 20______.

                   Respectfully submitted,






 List of additional forms attached:

Property Settlement Agreement and Child Care Plan

Financial Summary

Petitioner Financial Disclosure Statement

Respondent Financial Disclosure Statement